Why Are One Night Stands Being Sold to women as “Strong & Empowering” instead of “Risky & Reckless"?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Most times sis, you could have had a V8 more spicy and exciting than the sex you're likely to get, without the fear of HPV.

Why Are One Night Stands Being Sold to women as “Strong & Empowering” instead of “Risky & Reckless"?

Case in point, Here’s another winning thread on reddit's r/TwoXSex from a woman who has unprotected sex on a one night stand with a man who ghosts her in the morning.

Sis in the OP I linked didn’t use a condom AT ALL, but rather than conveying the severity of that poor decision, everyone is giving her high fives in the comments and calling her a “strong independent woman”.

Of course, some FDSers chime in to be the wet blanket and remind everyone about the true potential consequences of that decision, but, like...that really should have been a standard response, right?

What gives?

FYI - here’s a list of STDs you can get even while using a condom:


There’s nothing strong and empowering about HPV and Herpes, nor spending a week feeling like shit on the morning after pill, nor having to travel miles to an abortion clinic, scraping up hundreds of dollars, and fighting through crowds of people calling you a baby killer if the pill doesn’t work.

And if she’s the type to keep the baby, good luck hunting dude down for child support given that he ghosted before she even woke up.

Assuming the guy isn’t actually a complete psycho you wouldn’t want around your child anyways. And I’d be HIGHLY concerned about the kind of man who doesn’t use condoms with strangers.

By contrast, we don’t high five people for drinking and driving, even if they made it home safely. We tell them that it was an extremely irresponsible decision that could have irreversible consequences and to do better.

But when it comes to drunk unprotected sex with strangers, we’re supposed to cheer it on for some reason...?

As an overall policy, FDS does not recommend one night stands, as you are not likely to orgasm or gain enough sexual satisfaction from them to be worth the risk to your health and safety.

Men largely don't know, don't care, can't tell, and won't ask if women they have sex with consistently orgasm, even toward women they supposedly love. So they definitely aren't going to give a shit about the pleasure of a stranger.

With this glaring reality staring us in the face, WHY are feminists (and allegedly feminist media) pushing this pretty objectively poor decision that could have severely life altering consequences as empowerment (side-eyes Gigi Engle)?

It's far past time to question who is setting these unsatisfying cultural norms around sex and why.

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