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User Flair Guide:

Everybody is in different stages of development, and we’d like to differentiate the users you probably shouldn’t listen to for advice because it’s consistently terrible or low quality from the ones who have solid consistent and extensive quality content (FDS Strategy Coach).

• ⁠Ruthless Strategist is a Mod-only Flair.

• ⁠Throwaway Account is the flair for user accounts aged less than 30 days.

 ⁠FDS Newbie is the flair everyone new gets assigned by default (account age>30 days) until they differentiate themselves.

• ⁠FDS Apprentice - is someone newish and is in the process of leveling up/working on themselves.

• ⁠FDS Disciple - consistent quality comments, 1 or 2 trending posts or highly upvoted posts.

• ⁠FDS Strategy Coach - multiple top rated top quality posts, consistent and extensive high quality highly upvoted comments, creates wiki-worthy contributions, gives consistently solid advice.

• ⁠At-Risk Pick Me Youth - is assigned when users begin submitting questionable comments, multiple reports, low quality content, or arguing with mods. The beginning stages of a Pickmeisha, but early enough to be salvageable.

• Pickmeisha - is assigned based on questionable comments and interactions with other users, multiple reports, low quality content, or arguing with mods.


That being said it’s not an exact science and is based on all the individual mods’ judgement. We have to flair dozens of new users a day in order to give them commenting access so mistakes will be made. Just continue commenting as normal and we’ll adjust it over time.

Post Flair Guide:

• COCKHOLM SYNDROME – Spotted a woman who's with a LVM beyond all logic?

• MESSAGE FOR MALE LURKERS - Tell The Male Lurkers Exactly How You Feel

• PORN SICK, LIMP DICK - Tell Us about Your Terrible Sexual Encounters with men

• SEEKING ADVICE - Tell Us Your Story And We’ll Try To Help

• DISCUSSION - Tell Us Your Thoughts

• COUCH CREATURES – Tell us about his toenail clippings on the coffee table

• MESSAGE FROM MODERATORS - A public service announcement from you lovely moderators

• NAH, SIS - Tell Us What You Did Wrong

• BOOK REPORT - Tell Us About Any Books You Read That Helped You Level Up

• SEX STRATEGY – What's working for you in bed?

• QUEEN SUPREME – Tell Us About Your Role Model

• ROAST-A-SCROTE - Show us the worst dating profiles of men who need to be told the truth

• KEANU – Tell us about a High Value Male That Should be an Example Men Should Follow

• MOOD FOR LIFE - Tell Us How Good You Feel

• LEVEL UP - Tell Us How Far You’ve Come

• RANT - Tell Us Why You’re Mad

• NICE FOR WHAT? - Tell Us How You Took Your Power Back

• FIELD REPORT – What happened in the wild?

• #KickHimOut2020 – It's happening!

• THE SCROTATION – Tell us what's going on with your dating rotation

• QUEEN SH*T - Tell Us How You Got Treated Like The Queen You Are

• LIES MEN TELL - Tell Us How To Avoid The Bullsh*t

• STRATEGY – What's working for you in your dating life?

• SCROTES MAD - Tell us about a pathetic angry male

• MALE DEPRAVITY - Tell Us What F*cked Up Thing The Males Did Now

• GLOBAL RESISTANCE - Tell Us How Women Are Shaping The Future worldwide

• FDS SUCCESS! - Go ahead and announce your accomplishments!

• QUICK TIP - Tell us some tried and true dating tips

• NOTHING BUT FACTS - Tell us some facts about male behavior

• CULTURAL MISOGYNY - Tell us how the patriarchy rears its ugly head

• DUMP HIS ASS - Tell Us Who Needs To Hear This

• FDS MEMES - Show us memes that fall in line with the FDS ideology

• #JustHVMThings – Share an experience where a male exhibited high-value in real life

• #JustLVMThings – Share an experience where a male exhibited low-value in real life

• FOR RESCUE MISSION – Share a post where a woman is looking for advice and needs our support

• LESSON LEARNED – Tell us how you messed up in the dating world. Can also use the NAH SIS flair for this type of post.

• FDS ANTHEM – Share a song that falls in line with the FDS ideology

• FDS HUMOR – Share a funny post that us queens would enjoy!

DATING THEORY – Share dating strategies that have worked for you. Can also use the STRATEGY flair for this type of post.

• FUCCBOI WARNING – Tell us about how you spotted a f*** boy.

• FDS KEY – Share FDS secrets for dating success

• RED FLAG – Tell us about some red flags you have encountered

• REMINDER – Share a post that reminds us that we are queens.

• GREEN FLAG – Tell us about some green flags you have encountered

• WEEKLY FDS CHECK-IN – Chat, Check-In, and Have Quick Questions Answered

• FDS MOVIES & TV – Share a movie/show that falls in line with the FDS ideology

• AUDACITY OF SCROTE – Tell us how a scrote had the audacity to over-value himself

• STORY TIME – Tell us about your recent experience in the dating world

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