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Welcome to the Official Podcast of The Female Dating Strategy, once dubbed the ”meanest female-only place on the internet”. Join Reaux, Savannah, and Lilith on a journey into finding personal power while dragging the scrotes by their ever withering hair follicles. Part social commentators, part ruthless strategists, these Queens will dissect dating, relationships, sex, pop culture & politics to their most raw & real parts. Get Ready to LEVEL UP SIS.

What happens when a Conservative, Moderate, and Democratic Socialist come together to ruthlessly strategize how to push female interests to the top-spot of their political parties? In this official spinoff of the popular podcast, The Female Dating Strategy, Reaux, Lilith, and Elle plot to reshape the political landscape to women’s benefit (and drag their respective political parties for filth for their failures). We poke through the male-crafted narratives on both sides to design our own common political ground to the benefit of ALL women. Oh yes, we’re breaking the political binary and proud of it! Female First, Female Forward. Politically Non-Binary.

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