What is Female Dating Strategy (aka FDS)?

What is the Goal of FDS?

Where should I start learning?


What is Female Dating Strategy (aka FDS)?


 We are a collective of women from all walks of life committed to developing, creating, and implementing strategies to take control of our lives and narratives and live a life of true empowerment. 


What is the Goal of FDS?

 FDS' goal is to deconstruct toxic and self sabotaging cultural narratives that inhibit women from living their best lives and entering relationships that truly benefit them. We believe in promoting self advocacy, discarding victim narratives, and serving ourselves and future children. 


What is your Methodology?

Simple, maximum female benefit. We seek to locate and define current cultural problems in dating and relationships and create concrete, actionable strategies to maximize our happiness and health while minimizing overall risk. We believe the collective mind is stronger than the individual, and that dating strategy is best gleaned from the real experiences of women around the world. We center our methods in brutal realism about men and our current cultural climate, not aspirational (but often impractical) ideology. Each of our recommended strategies is weighed by overall risk vs reward based on real world lived experience and available data to recommend the best course of action.



Where should I start learning?​

  • First, familiarize yourself with the core 6 principles of FDS. These principles are the foundation on which we build our strategy.

  • Secondly, please read through our FDS Handbook. The handbook is a basic, but not exhaustive rundown of our current dating tips, outlook, and strategies. If you have any questions or comments, please visit our forum to discuss with other members. 

  • If you have any questions or comments, please visit our forum to discuss with other members.