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I am 55 and single again. Twice married, different men in every way. I have always been a highly sexual female. My first husband was not, as I am, and we split because he wanted other women. Our divorce hurt for two days, we parted as friends. No profit in the divorce, but a beautiful daughter. Second husband was a planned sex hook up that lasted for 16 years and involved travel and the best sex of my life, nearly every day. Our split was due to depression and out of marriage sex and all the uncertainty it brings. No profit here either, but I have a measure by which to compare my lovers.

It's been two and a half years, I have transitioned our relationship back to friends with benefits with the promise if either sleeps with another we let each other know. My problem is that I accept all his shortcomings knowing they are no fault of mine but the reverse wasn't true. Only just over a month ago I have stopped connecting with him as I have met a kind, intelligent, handsome gentleman who gives me hope that I maybe able to have it all. So why does sex seem so important to me, I share and they are overjoyed, only to leave me having to learn to ask for more?

I believe we all can learn and good men are harder to find as one ages. So I will. Take the time if his ego can take instruction and he is patient with me as I verbalize what has always been taken as the standard. I have always been the girl that likes a normal sized penis. Just 5-6 inches and I am all in, too much I find uncomfortable with any of the options. But a man who likes a woman's shape and can show that with their eyes, hands and get lost in you, there's just not anything more fun that two people can do together, if it's right.

I am on the lookout for that. Best wishes to us all




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