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Hi everyone. In today’s article, I would be talking to you about what I’ve been doing so much recently to get extra money and just getting paid, going out on dates. So if you’re interested and I know you are, because if you’re on this blog, then that’s what you’re into. So keep on reading. So basically this is an app called What’s Your Price? And it’s an app that allows you to get money to go out on a date. So an example of how it will work is that a guy will see your profile, which is why it’s so important that your pictures are everything. Otherwise, they’re not going to view you, and then you won’t get the date. So they go on your profile, they offer you a dating incentive, which let’s just say £100, $100, €100, whatever your currency is, they let’s just say they offer you £100. You are then able to accept that offer of £100 and then, therefore, be going on the date with them. Or you can counter-offer it and you can say that you want 150 or 200, I think it’s up to £500 you can get per date. So some people try to play you about and they might offer you £50. So if they do that, then you ignored the whole offer or you can put in a counteroffer for £100. I wouldn’t go on a date for anything less than £100 because it just doesn’t make sense to me personally. and I feel like if a guy can’t even spend £100 to give to can’t even give you £100, then he’s probably just going to take you for like a cheap date in the park with like a picnic or something. And I’m not doing that, so I need £100 after you then accept the offer. Let’s just say they offer you £100, you accept it. They are then able to pay that the website to unlock the DMS and then they’ll be able to talk to you. So the guy pays, you don’t pay anything, so he will pay to unlock the DMS that he can message you, and then you can speak to each other about where you’re going to go, what you’re going to do when you’re going to meet and stuff like That. That’s literally how it works. And from that point, it’s all up to you.

Now, despite that the site is vetted, I would suggest making sure where you’re meeting up with your guy that it’s not in an isolated environment. You want to make sure it’s in a public place. You always stay with them in a public place, don’t leave your drink with them, etc., when you’re dating or when you’re sugaring.

The best way that you can captivate men is by making sure that your pictures are everything and that your description is cute, sweet, straight to the point, the description in your profile. And that’s it. You go on these dates, honey, I’ve been making sure that I go on to the website every single day. I’m going on there because the more frequently you go on, the higher up in the search that you come up. So let’s just say if you’re online at that very moment, you’ll be at the top of the search. So the more you’re online, the more you’re at the top. Therefore, the more people get to see you. So go on there a lot. Go on there quite frequently. So people see your profile. That’s key and also favorite someone if you like their profile. So they look at yours and that’s how you can potentially get a date as well. You can also ask the guy to offer the incentive if they haven’t seen your profile yet. I don’t do that, but I do favorite people. If I want if I feel like they’ve got a lot of money or something, then I might favorite them so that they view my profile and then hopefully offer me a date. And that’s basically how it works. Okay. So let me tell you about the recent ones that I’ve been on which is What’s Your Price

So I had one guy like that the other day. It was nice. It got £100. We just went for dinner. It was cool. It was like nothing special. I had a nice time, but I haven’t spoken to him again, which was fine. I then went on another one the other day and it was with a guy in his early thirties. And you know what? I had such a nice time, so I had a really good time. We went out to eat and then he took me to the Shard. We went to the bar up there and it was really good. I had a nice time. He’s wanted to see me again, so we’re going to meet up in a couple of days. We’re going to go to this dinner part about dinner thing on the Thames. Now, this is where you can get a potential Sugar Daddy from this or even just someone to gift you and stuff because he offered me to he wanted to take me out. I told him I don’t have anything to wear. He offered to buy me something. He gave me a budget to buy. Myself an outfit. I only spent a tiny bit of that budget and I’ve managed to keep the rest of the money. So I’m just still doing what I do. I’m still financing the hell out of the situation and having fun in the process because I’m going on these dates, having fun, just living my life so I can’t complain.

So that’s going to be in a couple of days. And I also have some other What’s Your Price dates in the pipeline? We just need to arrange what day we’re meeting. But I have more and I’ve also got one for £150 in a couple of days. So I’m quite happy with the amount that I’m bringing in right now, so I’m quite pleased with it. And that’s why I wanted to write this article solely about What’s Your Price and just put you on if you haven’t heard about it already because it is a good site and you can make money from it while being treated to go out at the same time. So it makes sense to tell you about it

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