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Gamer Queens

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Hey all just joined the group! 👋 so happy to have a gaming-specific space. I do love video games, but after starting to work at a video game company it’s become INCREDIBLY obvious to follow the rule to not date where you work. So many men posing as feminists but still believing misogynistic shit.

I’d love for this group specifically to champion a common red flag/green flag for dating gamers.

May 02, 2022

There's a problem in gaming, but I also see it in comic book/Marvel fans, of childishness. Mind you, I've owned every gaming console known to humanity and seen every Marvel movie day one, so my tolerance for dumb shit is extremely extremely high... but there's something about a almost 50 year old man with many Star Wars spaceships made out of Legos adorning the living room that doesn't sit right with me. I'm a huge nerd myself! But basically nerd shit has a time and a place and it's not the living room. Am I a hypocrite?



Welcome to the group! This is for all the queens out here wh...


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