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Just drew the The Wheel of Fortune + The Tower - what does this mean?

Both are about change and contain the fire element which symbolises passion. Are these pulls something great or deeply concerning? I also drew 7 of cups, so the wheel, 7 of cups, then the tower in that order.

I am starting a new job next week, which is indeed going to be a lot of change. I have never drawn the tower however and it seems like a disastrous card. Please help haha

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Jun 29, 2022

OK NOT TO SCARE YOU....but Honestly my experience with the tower card was pulling it before the hardest time in my life..... i was being forced out of my college by administration due to sudden physical illness and losing my job for same reason. A week later, I was supposed to move in with my boyfriend i had been in love with for years and was dating for 6+ month, when I had to do an emergency biopsy on a friday and he saw me get really depressed and cry during the weekend waiting for the results.....he told me he had to go but would see me next weekend.....I get blocked on everything after he sends me a text that there's a breakup letter for me at my house and naturally I end up crashing the car and got a concussion bad enough to forget weeks of a semester.......i pathetically venmo'd him 1 dollar to tell him i was in a car accident.....i could not believe this loving bf stopped caring about me overnight!....He said "dont venmo me again. This is the last time i will respond" yeah....that was My Tower Moment. I spent sooo long upset that I had to move states, drop out of my college, suicidally heart broken, forever unlovable because sick, on top of dealing witha bunch of scary health issues that made all my friends avoid me because it gave THEM existential anxiety. The Tower, imo, means an inevitable destruction of old belief systems or situations. But the people are jumping out of a BURNING building - they are escaping. A year later, I realized that EVERYTHING cruel and unbelievable that had happened had actually led me to AN ENTIRELY BETTER PATH!!! I needed to GET OUT of sooo many toxic relationships that I was desperately holding on to and giving all my energy to!!!! NOW: . 1. I am in a healthy relationship now that made me realize how messed up my "one that got away" had been. 2. My old college was that Tower for me. I was being burned by the institution. being forced out made me apply to transfer to a prestigious university I NEVER thought I could get into- one that had much better opportunities and follows the ADA and doesn't punish students for being hospitalized. The Tower card can be so scary because your belief systems or physical circumstances may be changed....but ONLY for your ULTIMATE GOOD. We need to be helicoptered out of unhealthy situations sometimes..... Thanks if anyone reads this all the way through. I think the Tower is a catalyst. TLDR: I thought Tower card was scary and bad because I "lost" everything. It PURGED my life for me and changed all my old mindsets. I am so grateful for my Tower Moment.



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