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“He’s Just Not That Into You” Is a Phrase That Only Applies to SOME Men. Here’s why.

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

I’d like to submit a much-needed addendum to the infamous phrase “He’s Just Not That into You”. Although it’s a good way for women to prevent ourselves from falling for lukewarm, noncommittal men, we also need to collectively realize that it literally makes no difference whether a Low Value Male (“LVM”) loves you or not. Either way, he’ll eventually treat you badly and will *never* care about your long-term happiness.

He could be 100% into you. Hell, he could be ready to sacrifice his life for you.

And guess what? You‘ll *still* get treated like sh*t.

I like to think about it like this: imagine two men. One man is an LVM, the other is an HVM. Both are holding sealed boxes.

Inside of the HVM’s box, he has a collection of all the good treatment a woman deserves.

To emphasize: The HVM’s capacity to treat a woman like a queen existed BEFORE he even met a woman and began developing attraction towards her.

Then we have the LVM’s box.

There’s absolutely nothing in it. Not a goddamn thing. Actually, I take that back, it’s actually a black hole, it’s less than nothing. But this man will have the audacity to say that if he’s “attracted to you enough” he’ll give you tHe WoRLd. “If she can ChAnGe Me, THEN I will treat her well.”

In short, he makes the woman think that she can “create” her own good treatment by getting him to be more attracted to her.

The LVM scams you into putting in alllll the work for literally less than nothing, because you think that his attraction to you determines your treatment.

No. F*CK NO.

The capacity to treat women well is a pre-existing condition. It is not something that is brought about, created, or changed in a man.

An HVM already knows how to treat a woman well, and just wants to focus that capacity on his preferred woman. He knows that his attraction to a specific woman doesn’t manifest or create the ability to respect women in general. It just gives him a little direction on who he wants to invest that gift into. If an HVM is not attracted to you, he simply won’t even entertain your feelings. Nor will he give you a sneak peak of this magic box of good treatment. He’ll respectfully decline interest.

Ladies, don’t be fooled by an LVM. Even if he goes AWOOGA for you, he’s still going to ruin your life.

If he’s into you, this is what will happen:

Look at him smiling. He knows there's not sh*t in that box.

That LVM will LIE to you about who he is and give you the “HVM lite free trial” to convince you that his box is the same as the HVM, even though it’s not.

Then, because these LVM do not understand the point of continually investing in you to, idk, make you happy (???), they will stop as SOON as they feel like they’ve caught you and converted you to mommybangmaidism.

From there, you will never again see that “supposed HVM” you saw in the beginning, and your value will continually decline as he loses respect for you for tolerating it (even though you became the exact cool-girl he said he “wanted”).


Well, for low value men, the magic box of good treatment is a trap. They pretend to give good treatment to *deceive* you into thinking that they’re great in the beginning and that you need to chase them to receive the full subscription to HVM ™️.

The good treatment he’ll give is temporary, and it’s a full-on scam to get you to give unpaid labor until you die (probably first, mind you).

For HVM, it’s a gift. They are naturally like that, they just want someone to give it to.

LEARN 👏 THE 👏 DIFFERENCE 👏. It's crucial.

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