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My Cousin Designed A Dating App Experiment to Test Her Male Friends and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. LIED.

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

This story reposted with edits by FDS ADMINS with permission from anonymous...

About a year ago, I introduced my cousin to FDS.

After some time riding a roller coaster of emotions when the rose colored glasses were knocked clean off her face, she wanted to do a little social experiment to see what kind of lies the men she knew would tell.

She gathered a few of her female friends & family and had them download dating apps and set their location to areas where she knew local scrotes would be (she lives in a smallish European country).

Then, she had them deliberately look for and match ONLY with men she knew as friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, exes, coworkers, etc.

The messages between her friends and these scrotes were shared in a group chat.

Ladies, let me tell you. EVERY. SINGLE. SCROTE. LIED. All of them. They ALL LIED to my cousin’s friends.

They lied about their hobbies.

The lied about their dating history.

They outright lied about their line of work, or significantly exaggerated what they did.

They lied to mirror their answers to whatever the women they were talking to said their background and interests were.

A lot of men sent their phone numbers early into the conversation. My cousin texted the numbers from a VoIP phone number using random fake names to see if they would notice. For example, she would text something along the lines of. “Hey this is Bloom/ Ria/Fleur/ thanks for sharing your number. How are you?”

One guy responded. “Hey there! Loved your profile!”

They were all so fake!!!

'His mom does NOT have Alzheimer’s and does NOT live in a nursing home. She is elderly, but in good health, and lives at home with him and his dad, who is very much alive. '

Some of the men matched with more than one of her friends and copy and pasted the same messages between them. Most copied messages were obvious, but some appeared very genuine.

One of the worst men copied an entire heartfelt paragraph to four different women after asking them the exact same seemingly deep questions about themselves.

He then added:

“I was born in Singapore but moved here when I was 14. I’m half Indian and half Persian and own a software dev business and also have a real estate company. I live by myself and also take care of mum (she has Alzheimer’s) for a few hours in the Nursing home every day. I’m looking for a long-term relationship with someone engaging and fun. I really value good conversations amazing physical chemistry and overall companionship.”

He told another woman he was born in London and another that he was born in Indonesia.

Further, he claimed that he got divorced two years ago because his wife left him for another man.

Here is what we know about him in real life:

His wife left him because he was an absolute d**k who beat her and cheated on her. It’s well known among the small community my cousin lives in.

His dad started those businesses and still owns them.

His mom does NOT have Alzheimer’s and does NOT live in a nursing home. She is elderly, but in good health, and lives at home with him and his dad, who is very much alive.

I know some people think that FDS is harsh but after witnessing the results of this experiment, it’s really not. I knew men lied but I didn't know they lied about everything and anything unnecessarily! I'm never sleeping with another man unless we're in a committed relationship for 6 months and he's willing to get tested together. In fact, I'm happy never dating again & staying single.

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Mar 22, 2023

This one just shocked me when I thought nothing can


Thank for your service comrades! That’s a crazy experiment! Why would anyone lie about being in a higher job I understand but lie about health of your mother? Why?

Replying to

Because by saying he willingly takes care of his sick mother, he's hoping that the woman he's lying to will assume he's kind, attentive, and a good person.

It's just another lie they say to hopefully trap a single woman.


This post makes me feel good about an ignore that I pulled on an OLD guy - after a few okay-ish messages he told me he had a fiance who left him a few days before their wedding. It seemed like an overshare at that time and it made me feel weird so I blocked him. Of course it was THAT kind of a lie - designed to make me pity the guy.


Noemie Mathilde
Noemie Mathilde
Nov 02, 2022

I love that the internet has given women the tools to really check up on scrotery.


Oct 28, 2022

Men need to be openly SHAMED. Court mandated sign with COMPULSIVE LIAR written in bold text. This is coercion, if you lie to trick women into sleeping with you under grossly false pretences, THAT. IS. RAPE. Men are irredeemable.



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