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All Men Have In Life Is The Audacity

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Look at this dummy. The liiiiies he will tell.

Have you ever wondered where men get their confidence from? Even the broke, ugly, & dusty ones have the audacity to behave like they’re a prize to be won. And, oddly, those with the least to feel confident about are a lot of times the loudest and most aggressive.

For a long time, the existence of their outsized egos confused the hell out of me. That is, until I learned something very important about masculinity:

Men speak what they want into existence - no matter what they have going on in life!

Men survive on their ability to Cap. And Cap they do. OMG the lies they tell.

Once they have crafted their lie, they live as if it were true until they can find some woman they can scare, intimidate, and/or bully into accepting it. The more desperate they are, the more intense the lie and intimidation.

That’s it. That’s the game. Lie like Pinocchio until someone believes in you enough to make you a real boy.

It’s not magic. It’s not superior cunning. It’s sheer stubbornness, self importance, narcissism, stupidity, and physical intimidation. All men have in life is the Audacity.

It doesn’t matter if any of the shit he says is true or not or even if he really believes it - they just have to get a woman -or a few - to believe in their bullshit to make it real.

And when or if it doesn’t work? They cut and run to find another target or they pick a hill to die on.

Their entire self identity is crafted from nothing but belief in their own desire and sense of will.

This is why repeated failure makes men homicidal and/or suicidal.

This is why that crazy guy on the street cursed you out when you turned him down for a date.

This is why that guy you thought you were vibing with suddenly disappeared.

This is why your ex is on Instagram pretending he’s pulling women left and right when he’s really at the club begging girls for pictures.

You threatened their already fragile self identity in some fundamental way.

When your identity is based on nothing, it feels like you’re constantly being threatened.

Why do they do this? They’re males, sis. This is what males are at their core, and this is what they do.

They beat their chests and act like they’re something they’re not and bigger than they actually are.

Just look at our primate cousins for proof:

They ought to call this “Males Capping in The Wild.”

Men are expert manifesters in this respect.

They’ll talk all about how they only date 10s all day while going home each night to sit in their basement eating Cheetos.

Then they eventually stumble upon a woman with weak enough self identity to believe it. He convinces her how lucky she is that he’s considering dating her, since he only dates 10s usually (*wink*wink), knowing damn well he hasn’t seen a single woman naked in years.

A woman who does not have a narrative for her life mapped out will be easily disrupted by the plethora of males with a more vivid narrative than hers, who are more practiced at maintaining it in varying situations.

This is what people mean when they say you need to work on yourself or “you teach people how to treat you”

A woman with strong boundaries has created a narrative for her own life so vivid and secure that it is impenetrable to lies. She may not know if what he’s claiming is true or not, all she knows is he does not fit her vision for her life, and that is enough. She won’t manifest his lie into reality.

You’re the one who gets to choose to make him real or not. You can leave Pinocchio as a puppet or turn him into a real boy.

You have the power.

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Jul 07, 2022

A few years ago, I fell for these lies. It’s amazing the veil we have over ourselves to perform well in society.

I REALLY wish I had something like FDS when navigating the dating world. The genuine AUDACITY men have in manipulating their own reality would be laughable if not so disturbing. I swear most are a penis with a brain, not the other way about.


A friend of mine had been chatting with a nice guy on a dating site for a few days, met him for lunch today. She's 5'9. He said he was 5'10. It turns out he was like 5'6. She said lunch was awkward and he acted like a weirdo, so she wrapped it up quickly, thanked him, and left. He texted her "I knew you wouldn't like me, waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!".

Replying to

I'm so glad she wrapped it up quickly. I hope she doesn't look back. I met a guy he lied about his age he was 15yrs older than me. And, got his feelings hurt when people would compliment me but loudly muse, but who is that old guy? Men always think they can fake obvious traits...height, age, intelligence.


May 15, 2022

Im honestly glad i discovered FDS before adulthood and entering the dating world because i myself have very low standards and could have fallen for this shit very easily


Pinky Pristine
Pinky Pristine
Apr 30, 2022

I used to listen to magazine articles, "Give 'nice' guys a chance, even if he's not your type" and proceeded to date not one but two "nice" guys who were below average. Then was engaged to one of them...( and escaped the wedding by the skin of my heel #win).

I learned a hard lesson - men NEVER date down. If they're a 2, they're only talking to 6s. What's the worse that could happen? The 6 says no but what if she's feeling unworthy or just watched a manosphere video?

Always aim for 10s in every way! #queenshit


Jan 03, 2022

I absolutely LOVE this article. It makes so much sense and it really highlights just how powerful women are over men and their lies. A mans lies are just that: a lie. WOMEN are the ones who hold the power to give a man's lies any weight at all.

"This is why repeated failure makes men homicidal and/or suicidal." YES! When enough women catch on to how manipulative men are, men panic because they realize they have no power. I truly hope more women realize just how amazing they are and that men are nothing without them 👑



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